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IMG_6103Focus Areas

  • Local. We believe truth in media has to be re-established. We believe the best place to do it at is the local level, where the audience literally lives. We want to create news organizations that both cover the issues that affect people’s lives and entertain and inform them as well. We want to cover our own neighborhoods, where everyone a built-in vested interest.
  • Video. We want to focus on video news. It is the coin of the realm for youth, it is more believable than words, and it is harder to hack and distort. Video conveys feeling, which has the power to persuade.
  • Inclusive. We want almost everyone in our tent: businesses, all political parties, government organizations, schools, and viewers. We want to be the new town square where we can once again discuss issues together. We want to show other groups how to communicate more clearly with video. There will always be fringes who can be disruptive, of course. We will create rules to exclude them openly with the participation of the audience.
  • Modern and efficient. We believe much of video news has followed the same presentation style and substance for decades. It has been expensive to produce, and now often looks out of touch and staged, so inherently dishonest. We want to expose our process and use new technology in new, efficient ways. The differences will be obvious, clear, and transparent.
  • International. We believe no country has a monopoly on poor journalism. It’s everywhere. We think the changes we propose will be core to rebuilding the basics of journalism everywhere.

We know from decades of experience that the issues today are not because of the journalists themselves but the organizations they work for. We think we have to change the organizational structure to change journalism.

We believe we have to start fresh from a new perspective. We need a new experiment. This does not mean we are opposed to existing media. In fact, there is still great journalism being produced every day. Rather, we hope to create a new model that they can borrow from and we can perhaps cooperate with. We welcome their efforts to improve.

While we want to journalists to make a living through these organizations and stay in their communities and we understand that we have to create viable businesses to do that, we also believe that  journalism is a profession, not just a business. We think we can create a new model for both.


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